Is summer camp really the right decision for you?

I love this picture. It encompasses my life at camp – tired, dirty with kool aid and syrup hair but so so happy (honest). If you are thinking of applying for Camp America, do it. Even if it is just a tiny thought at the back of your mind. Bring it forward. Start the application. You will never know what might happen if you take the chance.

Camp is an amazing opportunity to do things you only dream of. If you are wanting to meet new, diverse people that can change your life forever, working at a summer camp is most certainly for you. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak of my own (and my 5 CA HOH friends) experiences and say that you will come home with a completely new outlook on life. That the people you meet will you force you to look at things from a whole new perspective. My camp was not easy. It was long hours, hot days with a lot of responsibility for a lot of children. When you are in that situation you need people – you need support. It’s a family feeling, that you’re all going through the same things and you’re all there for each other. So you can’t help but become close friends, so close that the thought of not seeing them every day at breakfast or every tired night at vespers makes you so very sad.

Not only that but you get to do and see so many things that will blow your mind, or just make you think ‘is this actually happening?’ I know many a time those words ran through my head. When I was on the back of a pick up truck with the rain in my face on our way back to camp looking at the stars, or when we floated down the river on one of our oh so precious days off and when I was being taught my one of my campers how to pick her afro out. Half of the time I was like ‘how the hell did I get in this situation?’ and never, ever has my life in Sheffield seemed so far away, and so ordinary! But that’s the beauty of jumping into something you’ve never done, you never know what might happen.

So if you’re wanting to do something memorable with your summer, to make a difference to children s lives and spend your time actually living and not doing something every other person is doing. Say yes, take a chance and go on an adventure! You never know, you might get some hair styling tips you never thought you would need.

PS. Hope you like the glamorous picture of me and the lovely Miss Courtney during Messy Game Night. If that doesn’t make you want to jump into camp, you must be mad…

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