How to keep UNhealthy on the road

We all know diets, ‘clean’ eating (is that pizza with soap suds?!) and fitness regimes are all the rage these days. I can’t check our twitter or get lost in a good magazine without being bombarded with things we should be eating, girls with 0% body fat and the things that we may be eating that GOD FORBID may end up giving us cellulite.

I’ve seen quite a few ‘How To Stay Healthy When Travelling’ or ‘My Workouts On The Road’ so I thought I would chime in with my “Fuck It Eat What You Want And Don’t Worry” post.

I mean I get where people are coming from. It’s important to eat well, shake your booty and get sweaty every now and then and generally look after yourself…

But saying that, when I travel it all goes out of the window.

Me, Laura and Leigh (you’ve heard about these a lot now haven’t you? I’ll introduce you to them one day…) all have the same attitude towards food, which is a good job really. Unfortunately, it means we use the phrase “fuck it, we’re on holiday” waaaaaay too often. I mean, if we were full time travellers we’d all be the size of houses. We never miss out on any goodies because well, what’s the point? We’re in this amazing City/Country with a cuisine that you can’t get (authentically) anywhere else. Don’t be an idiot and find yourself some lettuce leaves to munch on instead of having a true travelling experience. In Texas we had big ol’ BBQ, in New York we pigged out on pizza and in Oklahoma we had, well just about everything.

You get it, girl


Each time I come back from travelling my weight has differed. In Europe I lost a few pounds, in 2014 in America I stayed the same and 2015 in America I put a few on. I don’t think it’s down to your lifestyle necessarily – my eating habits were different before I left each time and that’s how you carry on even when you go away. I remember in 2014 I was on a serious health kick, I was down to 9stone and the smallest I’d ever been. I was determined to be healthy all summer. At our first layover in Houston I had my first American food experience that year – I had a low calorie burger. I mean can you believe it?!

For me, we do so much walking/cycling/travelling and general moving about that we seem to keep active all the time anyway. Granted, mine has mainly been running after crazy 6 year olds that are trying to escape because they think I’m the devil (you laugh… but this 100% happened) and walking up vertical hills and miles on end because you’re too poor to get a cab and too lazy to find out if there’s a bus. But I suppose it’s all exercise, right? So even if you are a little naughtier than usual with your food choices – more than likely you’ll be working them off.


I don’t know about you, but I always eat a lot less when travelling compared to being at home. When I’m sat at my desk for 8 hours a day, you can bet I’ll eat anything (and everything) in sight. Mostly out of boredom. You don’t have that issue travelling! That, coupled with the fact you don’t have to have the typical 3 meals a day equates to some pretty random and dodgy eating schedules. Sometimes, we’ll only have on big meal a day – but seen as we’re not up and out by 11am that’s totally cool. And don’t forget you haven’t most of the time got food to hand. You’ve got to go out and find some – kind of like foragers. That can be half of the battle and can take time.

So, if you’re just about to embark on an adventure and worried about maintaining your fitness whilst travelling – please don’t worry. Don’t let body image or the worry of changing spoil your amazing experience. Make smart choices; keep hydrated with lots of water and eat regularly and you’ll be fine. Oh, and I always indulge in a healthy green juice when I see a juice bar. Always helps me feel refreshed and healthy, even if I know I’m definitely not.

Remember – just because you haven’t got a gym to go and get your gruelling workouts done does not mean you’re going to end up being a heffer.


4 thoughts on “How to keep UNhealthy on the road

    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 I completely agree! I’m always munching at my desk, but when I’m travelling and I have to actually get up and go and find food, not so much haha!


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