Why am I so anti-Valentines day?

It’s here, I can smell the Chanel perfume and Michael Korrs leather – it’s Valentines day. Whoop-de-fucking-woo.

I really really don’t like Valentines day. Now you’re probably thinking that I’m a single and bitter and that if I was in ‘a proper relationship with someone you love you’d feel differently’ – well I am and I don’t, thanks.

It’s not that I don’t love romance, I do! Me and Dan are always buying little presents for each other, turning up with the others ones favourite biscuits so we can have a dunk (yes this is romance for me) or planning lovely days out. We are the epitome of fab relationships, so don’t you go feeling sorry for me. It’s just that I don’t like the idea of showing your affection on one day – that day being the same day every other person does. It’s a day created by Hallmark so the poor boyfriends of this world feel bad if they don’t show up with heart shaped chocolates and 12 dozen roses. (Also, have you seen how crazy expensive roses are?!)

Saying this, I have bought Dan a card. It’s a funny one he’ll love (I can’t tell you why he’ll love it, in case he’s sneakily reading this) by this designer on Etsy. I always end up buying my cards on Etsy; it’s easy, there’s always something hilarious and original on so you’ll always be different and it comes right to my door. No battling round Card Factory dodging all the old women to try and find a nice 69p card. Yay.

But there will be no present buying. Dan assures me he’s not the one who’s anti-valentines – it’s me. But still he knows I don’t expect any presents. Although last year he did buy me Oreos, Pombears and flowers but this was mainly because I was hungover and contemplating life not because of the date. I was hungover not because I was drinking to forget my horrific relationship/life but because it’s on of my bestest friends birthday on the 14th, therefore Valentines is also a no go because more often than not I will be celebrating another milestone!

I also hate how shops, restaurants and places as such can up their prices on just one night and everyone goes with it and pays over the odds because it’s ‘valentine’s day’. Why? There’s no significance of that one night – it could still be a valentine celebration even if you decided to do it in summer. Because it’s not what you do or what presents you get but the person that you spend it with because you love them. I’m all for people declaring love (albeit not in public) and for having date night or whatever, but does it need it’s own day?!

I hope I haven’t depressed you too much and you were as much in love as you were when you started reading this post (oops). Whatever you do this Valentine’s, I hope you’re with the one you like mostest, having lots of chocolate digestive dunks and enjoying each others company. And that goes for if you’re in a relationship or single – digestives work for all.




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