New city, new job

I must have explained my situation and thought process into my decisions at least 15 time since I started my ‘new life’ on Monday. If you even want to call it that. To me it was just doing something new, getting a better job than I could have got in Sheffield and having a bit of an adventure. But as the adrenaline of the my first week starts to wind down and real life starts to creep in, I see what they mean more and more…

I left my old job, interviewed and bagged myself another position, moved cities, packed and I am also flying to Ireland – all in the space of 2 weeks. By anyone’s standards that’s a bit hectic. But as I keep saying, when it’s in the present you just get on with it. You do what you need to do to get it done, only after when you step back and look at what you went through do you ask yourself ‘How the hell did I do that?’ Well, with a bit of courage and probably, a whole lot of stupidity. There were times that I thought ‘Megan, what are you doing?’ Leaving my lovely, extremely low board, family house in Sheffield where I had an easy and very enjoyable life, to move to the madness that is London. That’s a lot of people’s nightmare – an easy life is what we al strive for, surely? But it wasn’t for me. A 5 minute commute to work did;t fill me with the easy contentedness that it should have. Having my tea cooked for me every night didn’t please me like I know it would other (even though it always tasted the best). I wanted more. Sometimes, the challenges and fast paced life is what keeps us active and happy. And that’s certainly what I hope for me.

It’s not quite settled in that I now call London my home, and I still think that my employers are going to turn around and say ‘Oh, you from Sheffield? Yeah you don’t belong here, we made a mistake.’ It’s all too good to be true… surely it is? Well my fingers are crossed that it isn’t. I’ve truly landed on my feet. This time last week I was going to start a new job without anywhere to stay and taking a chance on a company I had only spent an hour at most with. But some things are worth the risk aren’t they, and it may work out better than you could have ever expected or wished for. But without having the balls to take the risk in the first place, and even to make a conscious decision to do something brave, you’ll never know.

So now I’m staying Monday – Friday in an amazing house in Earlsfield. I have thankfully been able to find a lovely woman who was willing to let me live in her house without even knowing me. Turns out she’s from Yorkshire like me – so explains it all. The house is more than amazing and she has even given me a key. In crazy times like this, it’s that compassion from other people that really helps you out. I have a lovely home to stay in and the best part of all is she isn’t ripping me off. Hallelujah! Some more good luck (or good karma – i’m not sure which) that I found 3 girls in similar situations to me willing to get a house to live in with me. I met them online and thankfully they’re not axe murderers. Yay me! So whilst I have a gorgeous bed for the next 2 weeks, hopefully soon I will have somewhere permanent. A home. Which will make the rat race life all that simpler and relaxing.

But for now I’m enjoying this crazy week; so many new faces to meet, rushing to and from the tube with the other commuters like I am super duper important and being independent. And Ive got a work phone – only fancy, mature adults have those don’t they?! But to me this is nothing out of the ordinary and it’s just a new adventure, something that I felt I had to do. Before I get on with the kids and the mortgage (zzzz….) I wanted to live in the beautiful City. I wanted to walk outside my office and land in Covent Garden or Trafalgar Square (which is incidentally exactly what I can do by the way) and I wanted to experience London life. And although I’m bloody knackered, it’s working out quite well so far…


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