Reform Social, Marylebone

Being a newbie in London, I haven’t had the chance (or the money) to really explore places yet… especially the fancy places. I was so excited when I got talking to a fellow blogger and traveller, Eppie, who invited me along for some cocktails at a hotel in Marlyebone. I had never been to that area of London before always thinking it was way to expensive and posh for me. But after visiting The Reform Bar at The Mandeville Hotel, I will be venturing to that side of town a lot more often!

After Google mapping my way from the office I found myself stood outside this very fancy looking hotel. I was immediately excited and imagined myself in a cool movie where the glamorous and fancy girls gets wined and dined. I wasn’t disappointed.

image1 (1)

Now I’ve been behind a bar. I’ve made 5 jaeger bombs under 30 seconds on bank holiday. But never have I ever been at the ‘mixology’ level that Reform Social’s Maciej is at. You can see that this man lives, breathes and absolutely loves cocktails – and that makes for one hell of a menu. His attention to detail blew us away – there was torching of dried ginger to flavour the glass, homemade liqueurs, cordials and dehydrated fruit. Yep, the dehydrated fruit garnish was a personal favourite of ours and has prompted us to add dehydrators swiftly to our christmas lists.

So there we are, in awe of these amazing cocktails being created with glasses of champers… and they start to bring out the most amazing nibbles. We may have been the happiest people in London. For their new menu not only have Reform revamped the cocktail menu with a summer edge, but have created a quintessential British menu of loveliness. We had homemade sausage rolls, big chunky chips (the only way chips should be), fried fish, eton mess’s, chocolatey goodness and so much more. So much I had to sacrifice the champagne for more food… it was a real hardship.

I haven’t really spent much time in hotel bars before – or hotels for that matter. You know me, I’m a hostel lover at heart. I have always thought hotel bars to be over priced and always a bit lacking compared to the hotel itself. I was happy to be surprised by Reform Social. It’s somewhere I could happily pop into for a after work drink, or a cocktail with the girls. It hasn’t got the dull feel of a hotel bar, it’d actually quite the opposite. No matter what time of the day, whether you’re there to sample the delicious sausage rolls (and I recommend you do) or to be amazed by the mixology of their cocktails – there will always be a smiling face and a rehydrated garnish to greet you.




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