April. Is that really when I moved to the place I now call home?

September. Is that really the last time I wrote, for myself?

December. Was Christmas really almost 2 months ago?

Time is going so, so fast. Not even the months are passing me by right now – but the weeks, the days, everything seems to be moving by in a flash. I don’t know if it’s because my days consist of looking at calendars and constantly looking forward. Or is it because Im getting older that there seems to less hours in the day? I feel like one of the old people that you only see at Christmas time that say, ‘oh my god look how big you are, I remember when you were a baby’. Because I genuinely do that now when I go home and see the little ones in my family. They won’t stop growing.

Then trying to keep track of life, appointments and reminders obviously means a calendar diary is a necessity in my normal every day life. When am I not being kept on track by an electronic calendar? I remember when I was younger I bought a diary, because that’s what adults had and as an adult that’s what I would need to life my adult life. The truth of it is was that it stayed in the bottom of my bag with only a few scribblings in it like times of dentist appointments or bank holiday days that meant I had no work. Other than that, it was pretty redundant.

I still haven’t bought into having a paper diary since then, even though my life is significantly busier than little old me a few years ago. I nearly did, when I visited Paperchase the other day and my friend said she needed to get her life in order, therefore she needed a diary. Sounds simple, I thought. Apart from when you get so caught up in making appointments, noting down things to do and people to remember that actually, you forget to do them or enjoy them at all. I still like the spontaneity of random, immediate plans and when something amazing happens that takes you by surprise.

So yes, I am kept on track but this doesn’t mean I don’t realise when somehow it seems we’ve skipped a whole week or month or when Friday is here again, even though it feels like I just had a weekend (I ain’t complaining, mind.) This London life is so busy – packed full of new places to go, things to do and new people to meet. Combine that with having to start a whole new adult life means that prioritising becomes a massive thing. Saying no, being selective and learning about yourself become necessary and it’ll happen without you even knowing. You’ll find out who you are, what you like and what you don’t – even if you’ve been trying to convince yourself into it for years (shotting Jagerbombs and doner kebabs on a night out for me).

Writing keeps me busy – but also gets put to the side when all those other things take priority. Rightly or wrongly. Balancing lifes responsibilities with the fun stuff you need is a daily challenge for everyone, I think. Something has to give and some things have to be made most important above others – you just have to make sure you’re choosing the right stuff. Writing things that make me happy, writing whatever pops into my head (mostly inspired by my mood and random album I’m listening too), being inspired by everyone and everything. That’s the inspiration for this post, getting back to my own stuff again and that’s what’s taking priority for me right now. Even after all this time away.


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