I love Europe, I also love that we are so lucky to be so close to all these different countries. They are literally on our doorstep. My friend Sam, who lives in Arkansas US, went to Italy last summer. She’s always saying how she would love to go back and I was like ‘just go!’ because to me Italy is just Italy – somewhere we go for a weekend if we want a break. But then I realised how far away for some people it is, and how much of a desirable country it is that people are willing to fly thousands of miles too.

My first backpacking experience was to Europe in 2013. I think most young people, if they are wanting a travelling adventure, tend to hit Europe first. It’s cheap, there’s so many different cultures and sights to see, and for us Brits its’s close enough to run home if anything goes wrong (or if we run out of money). But its a wonderful place to start too! Visiting the Louvre and Eiffel Tower in Paris, island hopping in Croatia, sampling the pizza and gelato in Italy then there’s the complete contrast of the Eastern European countries with their rich food and cheap currency! There’s just so much to experience. I went for 6 weeks and didn’t do half of the things I could/wanted to do! But the biggest beauty of Europe is just how close together the countries are. You could set off from Poland one morning and be in Austria the same day. It makes travelling so fun and easy – when you know how!

I want to share my love of Europe with you. Show you where I went, places not to miss some of my favourite things I did/saw and the best way to plan your European adventure. When I went I did 11 countries and 15 cities in 6 weeks. You can see so much. I started off flying to Rome then to Venice, Split in Croatia then Ljubljana in Slovenia, Salzburg and Vienna in Austria then to Krakow in Poland, Prague in the Czech Republic, Berlin and Cologne in Germany then on to Amsterdam in the Netherlands a slight detour to Lille then Paris, France and finally finishing up in Barcelona, Spain. SO yeah, quite a lot done! We stayed for various times in each place, we decided when we were there. It depended how much we liked the place, how much there was to do and how nice/cheap the hostel was we were staying in. That’s the beauty of not planning and deciding when you’rein the moment. It might take a little more guts to do, but you’ll end up going somewhere or seeing something you otherwise wouldn’t have.

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