The land of the free, the home of the brave. Good old USA (did I just make a rhyme?!)
Anyways, you get the picture. We all know about America and most have probably visited at some point or another – Disney World, New York, LA… all these places and so many more is why so many people flock the thousands of miles to the US, because it is truly a fantastic place. There is so much culture and passion. Although what there isn’t a lot of is history as America itself is not that old. It’s got nothing on the history and heritage of good old Blighty. But it makes up for the lack of ancestry in the immense food and colorful people and purely for the ‘American Dream’ notion that everyone chases – the grass is always greener and all that…

It seems mad to me that in one country there is so much diversity. You have the glamorous, swish West Coast that is full of celebs, non-fat lattes and bronzed beach bodies, the Southern states of fried chicken and pig wrestling and the chic East Coast cities that have the most recognisable and famous landmarks in the world. All this makes it one of the best places to travel too.

But my god does it take the piss! There’s no hopping over to another city or walking across a state line, America is so frigging big! I mean people said it to me before I left but I was like ‘oh yeah I know it’ll be fine we’re well good at travelling’. I do open my gob too much. So apart from my 4 trips to Disney World (i’m not just a child at heart… I am a child stuck in an adult body), and my 1 trip to New York I was pretty clueless on American Geography. I knew from that Friends Episode that there are 50 states, that’s got to be a start right?

So a week before we finished camp last year, a week before we started our 4 week journey we started to plan. We came up with a LOT of places we wanted to go, and realised we didn’t really have that much time. Not when it takes a least a day and a plane ride to get places. So we decided on Arkansas (to go stay with one of our best friends from camp, Sam. Nothing like some good ol Southern hospitality), Miami, Orlando, Washington DC, Buffalo then the city that trumps all others – NYC. Just in time to catch a depressed flight home from JFK. So came the day to leave Camp. With swollen, red eyes from crying and our backpacks that weighed waaaay too much we left the comfort of our home for the last 6 weeks and set off. At this point we had only none each other a little over a month and we were planning to spend a solid month together, living out of each others pockets. What could possibly go wrong?



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